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  1. Drywall
    Hey everybody, I toured a gypsum plant years ago and I remember before we went our into the plant they took our group into an office with a whiteboard where the plant foreman showed us an illustration of the gypsum mineral under a microscope and illustrated how the mineral was different than any...
  2. Drywall
    I am looking for information on the long edge of the drywall panel. I have had an issue with the edge being very hard and unable to set the screw properly. The framing is 25 or 20ga steel studs with 1 1/8 point type s screws. This problem has been for sevral years now and have had little...
  3. Remodeling
    We're remodeling an old commercial building in a small downtown area into a three bedroom apartment and looking for the best ideas for insulating against the outside road noise? Road runs along two sides of building. In planning stage now. Appreciate your input and ideas.
  4. Framing
    Hey guys im new to the game and got my first side job. I Need to figure out how much to charge for making an opening between two rooms. The opening will be about door size, i want to either go 32" or 48" so i can use the existing studs and the height will be door height. The opening is going to...
1-4 of 4 Results