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  1. Masonry
    I am working on a project and wondered if anyone would know of a resource where I can find out different sizes of common building materials used throughout the world? Obvious examples would be different brick sizes used in the US & UK, but also bags of sand cement etc. Any pointers would be...
  2. Drywall
    basically what the title says, i just need an estimate so i know whether or not the job is being priced right. How much is usually charged per square foot on commercial jobs in dallas, texas
  3. Sandblasting
    If I have a complete sandblasting setup, Marco tank, 185 cfm compressor. If I wanted to integrate soda blasting into my business, would I just need to get a new pot and hoses?
  4. Concrete & Paving
    Finishing 1500 sq ft of holland pavers. Anybody have a rule of thumb for estimating ammount of sweeping sand? Dont like pavers, keep getting calls and bigger jobs. Gotta make hay while the sun shines Thanks T
  5. Decks & Fencing
    Fellow contractors, Just a quick questions for any of you that re-finish decks on a regular basis. Is there a sander you would recommend to sand underneath the railings of a deck? I have a belt sander, but oftentimes you have to sand cross grain. Is there something better? I've tried...
1-5 of 5 Results