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  1. Framing
    Hi I am building a small treehouse bunkie (12x12) and am trying to decide on roof design. I want to build it with a half loft as well so decided on a gable 12:12 roof for extra head space when up there. My main dilemma is to have the loft looking out of a large window. How can I support a ridge...
  2. Specialty Trades Picture Post
    We haven't posted in awhile so I thought I would share some pics of a nasty barrel tile roof cleaning we completed late last year in Tampa Florida. This tile roof was cleaned with our non pressure roof cleaning system.:thumbsup:
  3. Off Topic (Non Trade)
    Don't worry kids - he will get your presents under the tree one way or another.
  4. Roofing
    What is better bewtween certainteed and gafelk between there 3tab 25 yr and the architecural 30 yr
  5. Marketing & Sales
    I was wondering... Years ago our company did church roofs and steeples. He did it for about 10yrs. Back then it wasn't a cut-throat market for work and it was throughout a few surrounding counties in Central New York- where things were small and everyone talked.. the work fell on him for...
  6. General Discussion
    I have used some good Energy Audit programs, RoofCalc, Coolroof Calc., but Roof Calc is gone. Anyone know of a good roof calculator or an audit program?:eek:
  7. Roofing
    I have a 40 year old house in Southern Ontario with a belly in it. It runs from ridge to the facia and from gable end to gable end. The trusses appear to be hand cut and made on site. What would be a way of taking the belly out of it. They used 1x6 boards to cover it. I tought of laying out a...
  8. Roofing
    Hello all, I have been working on a 150sq+ roof since before the holidays (due to bad weather days and such) I was brought on by a fellow "contractor" who gets all his work from his uncle. I have several items I would like to point out and ask opinions on: It has always been in my best...
  9. Framing
    What are your reasons for avoiding trusses?
  10. Pressure Washing
    As you can tell by the company name we don't build it we clean it! Beside pressure washing we clean roofs and wash homes. We restore and preserve wood such as decks and fences. We also do trash outs and post construction cleaning. We have also been known to clean a carnival ride or two. I...
  11. Roofing
    Can anyone identify this? We're doing some minor repairs on a clients roof as part of a major remodel. Only need a 1/3 square of roofing to complete the job but it's being a real thorn in my side! :blink: The color in the photo is dang near close to real life. Light blue with a hint of...
  12. Roofing Picture Post
    Here are some photos of my roof jack I am installing on a box containing a bathroom fan. This house has an almost flat foam roof with no attic, so everything sits on top of the roof. Sikaflex 1a is the black material used to fill the gap between the roof and the wooden box around the bathroom...