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  1. Remodeling
    I found an old water cistern directly beneath where I need to put a footing for a new deck. I haven't seen this before (this is a 100+ year old house) and I'm not sure how to proceed. Any suggestions?
  2. Construction
    So short story, I am general contractor in Washington state. We are currently remodeling a 1978 split level. We removed a small sink where the supply lines were coming up through the floor to an angle stops for the water lines. We shut them off and left it for the plumber for the following week...
  3. Remodeling Picture Post
    PAP of your bathroom or some good remodeling ideas. Looking forward to having my bathroom remodeled soon. Bathroom size: 40 square feet with an average height I can extend the size if required. Please reply.
  4. New Member Introductions
    Hello everyone! I am excited to start networking on this site! I manage the contractor program at UCoat It, an epoxy floor coating company. It's my job to assess our contractors' needs and provide excellent customer service to members of the UCoat It Contractor program! I love to learn, so...
  5. General Discussion
    I am putting together a website for homeowners planning a home remodel ( that will help them to be more educated clients. (If anyone has any feedback on the site, I'd love to hear it!) One of the tools I'd like to offer on the site is a template homeowners can give...
  6. Marketing & Sales
    The Northern New York Builders Exchange in Watertown hosted their annual Home & Garden Show this weekend and we were pleased to participate. Our booth on the night before, nearly ready and definitely waiting; Good Luck Dave
  7. General Discussion
    MyContractorGenie serves as an efficient online tool for the homeowners in the State of Minnesota to post home improvement jobs on the site & receive competitive bids from contractors & service providers, thus saving 40% or more.
  8. Commercial Construction
    We recently had some office space remodeled. The original space was built in 1973 and the building is a single-story truss roof on concrete pad at about 4500 sq ft. Some of the drop ceiling tiles were showing their age and we wanted to brighten things up, so we replaced them in the larger...
  9. Remodeling
    "It all begins with a dream. Cathedral ceilings! Skylights! Room-sized closets! But, the dream may turn into a nightmare, unless you plan ahead. Before you remodel, follow these steps to get your home improvement project on the right start." "you can begin sketching out your ideas and...
  10. Business
    Hi Guys, I am new in Minnesota and searching for remodeling or other contracts. I found a website which says that they will verify my identity, licenses, and insurance for free. They are asking for anywhere between $2.99 - $9.99 per lead depending upon the size of job which is basically the...
  11. General Discussion
    WATER IN A BUILDING-THE CLOAKED DAGGER Harvey living in Miami Beach Florida calls an air conditioning company to install a new AC unit. Two and a half years later Harvey sees water on the ground floor of his two story residence. Near the pool of water is a bathroom. Harvey in desperation...
  12. Websites and SEO
    I hope I spelled that right... :whistling Can I get the experts to check them out? I'd love to hear others ideas, Thanks! (redirect)
  13. New Member Introductions
    Hey guys, this is an awesome site. I was totally unaware of it, but I am sure I can learn a lot from many of you. Jim here, I actually have had a business doing remodeling and flips for many many years but nothing real formal. I was a Firefighter/Paramedic so I did it in my off time...
  14. New Member Introductions
    WOW, what a great site... I just found this site and had to register. I am a general building contractor in Huntington Beach (Surf City) California for over 25 years. :thumbsup: I look forward to spending some time reading through all these great postings and joining in. Just thought I would...
  15. Plumbing
    So I'm running into a few issues in a remodeling project that I was asked to help on and I'm not from Maryland. I was hoping to get some professional advice. I'm having a venting issue for a full bathroom, laundry room and kitchen sink. Both rooms are in the basement and kitchen is...
  16. General Discussion
    Here's a great resource for people that are new to Remodeling. I have watched some of his videos and he has some great a advice and great tips. I have no business relation with him, just to make it clear. leave a comment, maybe he can make a video from a shared tip, advice.
1-16 of 32 Results