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  1. Concrete & Paving
    My pile of broken, discarded, hated or just utter failures is getting a little to big for my shop and I need to empty house. I called the largest concrete recycler in the area, first the not-so-nice lady asked what GFRC was, then about the colors, then said no. I have another option but how do...
  2. Contractor Licensing
    doing a small <$10,000 demo job with the chance to keep some of the materials harvested. can anyone tell me what license/permits/register with TRCC? also may sell the materials (some nice timbers, etc.) any ideas on where to sell.
  3. General Discussion
    As a siding contractor, I am considering getting LEED AP certification in an attempt to set my company ahead of the rest. Currently our company is probably in the top 3 for siding companies in Vancouver BC for volume and quality. Im wondering if, by getting LEED certified, will a General...
1-3 of 5 Results