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  1. Technology
    I just started with a new book keeper. After talking to her, it seems to make the most sense to buy a cheap laptop with windows so I can run quickbooks with windows. I am a Mac guy, and have been using the mac version of quickbooks, but they are phasing it out. I'm not interested in online...
  2. Business
    Well, I made it through my first summer and didn't go in the red. I call that a win for now. I learned though that I am not very good at book keeping, and even worse at quarterly taxes. So I think it's time to find someone to take care of that for me so I can stick to the work side of things...
  3. New Member Introductions
    Business Innovation Technologies Inc. is based in the Toronto Markham area, with a strong focus on Business Management applications and Information Technology (IT) infrastructure.
  4. Accounting Software & Discussion
    I have been using Quickbooks for MAC for the last couple years and am thinking about getting a PC. When I upgrade my Quickbooks, is the Contractors edition worth the extra $100? Thanks.
  5. Technology
    I pretty much have a grasp on quickbooks and its functions. I have the Premier contractors edition 2010 and I use a program called Bid4Build for estimating. Once the estimate gets approved I then have to retype and reconfigure it into quickbooks when time comes to start sending invoices.:bangin...
  6. Accounting Software & Discussion
    There is a free training exercise for working with application for payment forms G-702 and G-703. These are sometimes required for payment when working on commercial projects. You should know the procedures before you sign any contract requiring them. The site appears to be a good resource for...
  7. Accounting Software & Discussion
    As the only guy on my staff I would sure like to be able to enter purchases and assign them to jobs immediately after making them on my windows based phone. This would save me time in the office and keep me on the job longer. I have found nice programs that only allow you to invoice customers...
  8. Technology
    Hi Guys, I was researching/creating for the past few days a COA on QuickBooks Contractor 2007. I was hoping maybe you guys can tell me if on the right track or not. We are remodelers and we also do several specific contractor trades such as rough& finish carpentry, flooring, drywall etc… our...
1-8 of 9 Results