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  1. Help Wanted or Looking For Work
    I’m looking to find a qualifier who’d like to work something out with me in south Florida, please message or replay of you or anyone you know could help out
  2. Help Wanted or Looking For Work
    Hello! We are looking for a qualifier in the SWFL region that carries licenses for the following type of work: Electrical Plumbing Roofing Carpentry/Flooring/Countertops/Cabinetry (GC builders or residential division I) Ideally 1 person who carries licenses for all that type of work. Anyone...
  3. Help Wanted or Looking For Work
    Looking for someone with a GC license to qualify our company in the Port Charlotte Florida area. Call 941-315-7008 if interested.
  4. Help Wanted or Looking For Work
    Looking for a qualifier for my GA construction business.
  5. Help Wanted or Looking For Work
    Hello, Our firm is seeking a licensed, certified plumbing contractor to qualify a medium sized plumbing company in the Tampa Bay area. Please reach out to us at [email protected] Thank you
  6. Help Wanted or Looking For Work
    Looking for a roofing qualifier in Orlando for a national Franchise (Honest Abe Roofing). Shoot me an email: [email protected]
  7. Help Wanted or Looking For Work
    Established Home Improvement company in search of master plumber as qualifier. Must live within 2 hours of Ocala Florida. If you are available please email me for details. [email protected] or text 352-484-8260.
  8. Help Wanted or Looking For Work
    Seeking a CCC Florida license holder for a Qualifier for 22 year old Solar Company located in Central Florida. We currently refer out all roof work when solar customers need new roofs however we believe it's time to run things in house. Shoot me a text 407-462-9957 Ed
  9. Help Wanted or Looking For Work
    I am starting an Electrical Company in the Fort Lauderdale area. The electrician with whom I plan on using has 21 years experience, but is a journeyman so I need a qualifier for this business. We will only be doing residential work, mainly service work. There will be work for the qualifier...
  10. Help Wanted or Looking For Work
    Must live within an hour and a half of Ocala, FL. Please text or call 352-405-6550.
  11. Help Wanted or Looking For Work
    In need of Plumbing Contractor to qualify an established business out of Ocala, FL. I am looking to hire someone right away. Please text or call (352)-405-6550
  12. Help Wanted or Looking For Work
    I need a Florida Certified Underground Utility and Excavating Contractor ASAP to qualify a company temporarily - until January/February 2018. Employment and participation encouraged to fulfill your legal obligations as a qualifier. Please call Nick at 651 340-3233 or email at [email protected]
  13. Low Voltage
    I need a licensed low voltage company to qualify mine. I run my business from Broward county and need to get a license for bids on bigger jobs. Please reply to [email protected] or call me @561-574-4389. Thank you, Sol Shadimehr
  14. Help Wanted or Looking For Work
    I currently live and work in South Florida. I am an experienced glazier with 20 years experience in every aspect of the flat glass industry specializing in hurricane impact windows, doors, and storefront. I'm a dealer for 4 different window manufacturers and can purchase and build commercial...
1-14 of 15 Results