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project management
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  1. Business
    After 21 years in the field, I got my contractor's license and started my own remodeling business. Yeah, I'm learning A LOT about the business side of things, some the hard way. One area that I'm trying to navigate is working with and creating relationships with various subcontractors. I have...
  2. General Discussion
    I am a residential remodeler and am currently building a schedule for a project to start in a few weeks. My scheduling is typically pretty good; however, ever since COVID hit, it's been a wreck. Ex. I currently have a project that is 2 months behind (9 month build schedule). Due to this, I'm...
  3. Technology
    Hello, I am looking at purchasing one of the many deck design and estimating programs out there. Simpson's Deck Tools has so far been the one that looks the most useful as a sales tool, but potentially lacking in some of the design features, at least according to the thread I read on it which...
  4. Business
    I have a dilemma concerning 2 companys that are trying to hire my services as project manager/superintendent. They are both asking me what i want for a wage, Both projects be multi million dollar projects, around the 7 million mark.One of which is out of town. I do have a number in my head but...
  5. Technology
    Currently looking to get our business optimized. Anyone have any dealings with or currently use a project managing software? Pro's, Con's, recommendations? We have dl'd the latest version of Microsoft Project, nice, but $$ for our company. Thanks, Jon
  6. New Member Introductions
    Greetings to contractor colleagues everywhere. We are a project management and construction consulting company in the Chicago area. We are going to be working on large government building projects in Algeria starting late this year, and will be looking for subs and project mangement personnel...
1-6 of 6 Results