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  1. General Discussion
    We had a concrete pad poured and built a retaining wall around it but now wanting to put railing around it with our baby getting bigger and older running around on the concrete it is a big fall off the retaining wall. We are looking to put railing around the pad we would like it on the...
  2. Decks & Fencing
    I am about to install a 6' tall vinyl privacy fence that will assemble to 8' wide. In my area, I will be digging a 10" wide post hole 36" deep. There are two runs of fence that are not divisible by 8 and I would like your opinion on how to space out the posts. One run is 25'6". Should I have...
  3. Business
    What is the best way to install wooden post for arbor in the DFW area? Need to clarify this, please any input is greatly appreciated
1-3 of 4 Results