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  1. Help Wanted or Looking For Work
    Needed qualified plumber to a company in Las Vegas
  2. Marketing & Sales
    Hi all, I was wondering what would be a good marketing plan to attract a few remodelers and general contractors in the hopes of expanding my work load. How are most of the contractors on here finding their subs. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  3. New Member Introductions
    Hi everyone, My name is Andre, I'm from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. I've been doing small renovation jobs for friends and family for a while now and finally decided start a full time business last month. I'm trying to make some local contacts in other trades like plumbing, electrical...
  4. General Discussion
    Here's a question that we have been asked and our answer. Does anyone have something to add that I could include on my website to further protect people? What if I have a fire claim and I didn't get the renovations inspected? My friends are journeymen and they wanted to help me renovate my...
  5. General Discussion
    Don't let anyone deceive you that it's impossible to increase the number of new customers calling you for services without spending any money. It is very possible and works greats if you know the tips. Any ideas on free advertisements that work?
  6. Technology
    My company just launched 2 new websites for contractors in Raleigh Durham NC, and Dallas, Texas. The websites are used to find and hire contractors and subcontractors. It works similar to an ebay auction but for services... say you are the General Contractor and need to hire a plumber for a...
  7. Contractor Licensing
    Great article
  8. Plumbing
    I'm 29 years old, (overweight and have a good ass crack;). Worked for the television industry for a total of 12 years. Times have been tough most recently and have been placed out of work. I was trying to work independently in the video production industry, but am finding that there is too...
1-8 of 8 Results