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  1. Historical Restoration
    I've heard mold is the worst, the most deadly deal-breaker when it comes to restoring an old property. If it's got mold, it's not worth it. Is this true? Is there any way to get rid of mold on, say, an old structure with a lead roof, hardwood latticework and clay-mud plaster?
  2. Drywall
    My guys are using USG Diamond Veneer Finish throughout the interior of my home. I really like the natural look of the veneer, but they advised me that if a paint or stain is not put on top, over time things stick to it and it doesnt look good. Does anyone have a recommendation for a paint or...
  3. Remodeling
    Hey folks. I am looking for opinions on a tiled tub surround rebuild in a 1930s bath. The homeowners want to preserve as much of the original plaster walls (3 layer on wood lath) as possible, so I need to decide on the best method for joining new cement board substrate to the old plaster. I...
  4. Painting & Finish Work
    I am doing some research for a possible business venture and would love to hear from you guys. 1. What price do you typically pay for a decent quality flat latex. I am not looking for brand names but price? 2. Do you usually buy from a Home depot type store or a local paint store?
  5. Construction
    Hello, I just encountered an odd situation with plaster over particle board (not OSB). The house is old and has plaster walls, and in one room on the top floor the ceiling suddenly fell down. As far as I can tell there isn't any moisture damage, as the ceiling had cellulose blown in recently...
  6. New Member Introductions
    Hello Everyone, My name is Andrew Merola and I would like to take a moment and introduce myself. First off its my pleasure to be involved to an amazing site where we as proffessionals have a forum to discuss topics from A-Z. I look forward to meeting you!!! A little background on...
  7. Faux Finishes
    Hi, I've found this very useful to get on the same page as my clients. What's lime got to do with it? The purpose of this post is to create a glossary to clear up confusion with some of the buzz words we hear around plaster and lime. LIMESTONE: is sedimentary rock made up of the...
  8. Green Building
    its a 130 year old corn crib, (airy barn,) that a client wants turned into a sustainable guest house. I am attaching a greenhouse for passive heating, supplemented by a wood burning stove in the sitting room. ( N. GA mountains). Half of the barn will be a bedroom. It currently has 1x3...
1-8 of 8 Results