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  1. Business
    I am a subcontractor. Every contract I sign has the wording in that I will get paid when the contractor gets paid. I do not know how the General Contractors are getting away with this. This seems like such an obscene unjustice. I put up all the money for labor and materials for a project and...
  2. Roofing
    I bid a job the day where there was 8 shingles that had to be fixed.I met the H.O. and quoted him a price of $250.00 to do the job. He agreed signed the contract and we scheduled the job.When my guy got there it took 30mins to finish and when he was done the H.O. complained that he wasn't going...
  3. Kitchens & Baths
    Hello, I've been installing wood floors for the last 7 yrs., before that did a lot of casework and finish carpentry. While doing installation of casework for hospitals, colleges, etc. my company paid on the rate scale per/hr. on the East coast. Here's what I'm looking at now: I have benn...
1-3 of 3 Results