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  1. Tools & Equipment
    I've been lurking around hesitating on pulling the trigger on an Oliver #34- DSD I found ,- late 40's ,she in good shape but I am not sure about taking on anohter restoration write now, works insane and I still have to restore the 117-A, such is life-:laughing:,.. I may go this weekend...
  2. Tools & Equipment
    Remeber our conversation......, I just vagly remeber a few KEy" words......something along the lines of "could be a 260"" remeber,,,,:sneaky2:,Wearing a "RED" outfit :sneaky2: ,,,,,,somewhere close by,,,,well GUESS WHAT!!!!! IT IS!!!!!!!:eek: Dailog has officially commenced...!!!!! ,, and...
1-2 of 2 Results