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  1. Tiling
    This morning I decided to go through my sample kit and straighten a few things out so I decided to make a little display to show everyone how I roll :scooter: I was talking to JDub this morning about some line drain stuff and we got to talking about the importance of sales tools & samples, pros...
  2. Tiling
    Everyone's arguing here about Kerdi so I thought I'd start a fun thread where we can show off some complicated cuts :clap:
  3. Tiling
    Since we've had some talk about MWT, I decided to start the "official" thread. Angus got me hooked up with Rich and I just placed a recent order and its been a great experience! (Can't wait to get my T3 Razor) The benefits for me is that Rich is knows a lot about the productline and they are...
  4. Tiling
    I'm writing a contract Friday for a bath remodel with a tile floor. I had origionally talked about using ditra but lately a lot of you guys have been talking more about Noble TS and Noble Deck... I may want to give it a try and wondering the cost difference/quantity(sq ftg)... I get a 54 sq...
  5. Tiling
    I have a project in which I used 2 Noble Freestyle Linear drains with a Kerdi-Shower kit. The customer purchased all the materials himself so I had no choice on what I was using. The first move I made was to call my Schluter rep to see what they recommended for the connection between the...
  6. Remodeling
    was in my tile shop the other day - preparing for a mud pan - the owner asked me if i had ever tried the pre made pan and tiled over it - specifically made to be tiled over. when we were talking - as far as doing the mud pan right and all the time it takes to make and let dry - it seemed to...
1-6 of 7 Results