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  1. Electrical
    I'll be working with the electrician next week to help him get caught up and I need to sharpen my sparking abilities. let's see...just to warm up I'll start with... 1. Dishwasher needs to have it's own dedicated circuit 2. bath rooms needs it's own dedicated... 3.
  2. NEC Discussion
    As stated in Article 800 of the 08 NEC handbook, you can NOT run a plenum rated cable in a plenum. In training we watched a video by Mike Holt on low voltage cabling and he stated you can. We are all baffled among the instructors as well. What is the true answer to this question? Thank you very...
  3. Electrical
    Anyone know of any great DVD or computer based training that is geared towards the Electrical contractor industry? I've experienced Mike Holt's , Tom Henry's, and the Mastering the NEC series and I'm looking for something more upbeat, modern, updated, lots of graphics, pictures, job site...
  4. NEC Discussion
    I am looking over a new in-floor radiant heat material. It's a very thin laminated material with carbon resistor ink - great for use under laminate, vinyl, and hardwood. It comes in rolls that can be cut to length, then the "cold leads" are crimped on and sealed either by the installer or by the...
1-4 of 4 Results