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  1. Remodeling Picture Post
    I'm starting my largest project since being self-employed. Personally, I'm working on the kitchen, powder room, laundry room, hall bath and master bath. I'm GC'ing most of the rest. I'm starting in the kitchen. Before:
  2. Flooring Picture Post
    Dang, I'm ready for a nice big floor job :laughing: Redoing shower: Tub surround: Floor:
  3. Tiling
    Just did my first job with the Quartz lock and everything seemed to go fine, I really like the product. The tiles are a light colored porcelain and I can see a few shiny spots here and there. There's no sandy residue just a shine in a few areas that won't scrub off. Does anyone have a...
  4. Kitchens & Baths
    Tile work wasn't as fancy as the last one. This was a total gut to studs. Moved the toilet from the back wall to next to the sink. Homeowner wanted to keep the pocket door. Took a little over two weeks.
  5. Tiling
    I have been a fan of the Spectraloc and use it almost exclusively. The only thing I don't care for is wall use with 1/4" grout lines, it has a habit of sagging. How does the Quartzlock compare for wall use. I have a bathroom / shower coming up and would like to try the Quartzlock II. I am using...
  6. Tiling
    I'm tiling a shower and a small decrative corner v cap was backordered... I should be recieving it about the same day that I will be ready to grout. Can I use the spectralock to mount the cap while I'm grouting? I ask because I'm a Spectralock virgin:eek:
  7. Flooring
    OK, tile work isn't my specialty but I have done a few floors. The h/o I'm dealing with now has picked out his tile and talked to the "expert" at Lowe's who suggested a... grout booster. :blink: Supposed to make it more flexible and have a sealer mixed in with it. I've always applied the...
  8. Tiling
    I have a project in which I used 2 Noble Freestyle Linear drains with a Kerdi-Shower kit. The customer purchased all the materials himself so I had no choice on what I was using. The first move I made was to call my Schluter rep to see what they recommended for the connection between the...
  9. Remodeling
    was in my tile shop the other day - preparing for a mud pan - the owner asked me if i had ever tried the pre made pan and tiled over it - specifically made to be tiled over. when we were talking - as far as doing the mud pan right and all the time it takes to make and let dry - it seemed to...
  10. Tiling
    I've been reading some threads on here about Ditra and I'm finishing up a bathroom remodel next week, once the subs get done doing their wiring and plumbing. I want to use Ditra over the new subfloor I just installed in the bathroom. It's going to be 12" sheets, each sheet will have 4"...
  11. Tiling
    Little background first: I am doing this kitchen and bath remodel here in so. cal. and the homeowner informed me that all there water is hooked into a softner system that uses salt (every hose, faucet,shower etc). not on landscape sprinklers (but no hose). Here is the question: Does the water...
  12. Tiling
    Ok guys I am looking for some advice on this job again. To much wrong with it to just patch repair. 90% of tile have zero bond so I'm looking for advice on the best materials to use for this. Off to pick out tiles so was gonna ask whilst there as I have never done tile outside before. What would...
  13. Tiling
    Started a job today. DIY backsplash gone wrong. After the terrible tile set, they thought hiring a "pro" to grout would fix things. he was almost as bad. Now it's $1600 to have it done right! :whistling It's not an illusion. The grout joints are that wavy.
  14. Masonry
    Guys what the best way for me to bond some porch porcelain tiles back to concrete? I have no idea where to start as I never done external tile before. Any advice on products to use? Grout recommendations would be great also. I have about 5 to repair so don't want to go silly.
  15. Tiling
    Hello tile pros, My question is, what is best method to install dark color grout? I have seen tile jobs where it is blotchy and milky, even after 511. I assume this is due to water content or over wiping clean with sponge, set time etc. Please advise. Thank you.
  16. Tiling
    ...oh how I hate thee. :evil: I did a tile repair today & had to use sanded grout. I appreciate QuartzLock even more after using cementitious for the first time in over a year.
  17. Tiling
    Hi guys, I have this client that he wants me install slates on his patio.The patio sits over mostly occupied space and concrete subfloor. I am a wood floor guy, but I installed slate in a interior octagonal room where it meets the wood flooring for the same client last year. I do it...
  18. Flooring
    Have been using cement board under tile for years. I've heard of this schluter product a year or 2 ago but never really looked into it. Does anyone have any experience with this product? Is it really solid and good to install over OSB? Going to try on next job. But wanted to get some feedback...
  19. Tiling
    Picked up the tile for a job today, the customer had picked it out. Some of it is glass mosaic. My tile supplier said to not use non stain or epoxy grout, as he couldn't predict the outcome? Anyone grouted glass tiles? I want to use an epoxy, but now I'm not sure. Thanks
1-19 of 24 Results