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  1. Tools & Equipment
    Whats the difference between the new white Makita stuff and the original Teal stuff. I know the white stuff runs on the lower amperage but a buddy of mine told me that they use more plastic parts in the white stuff. Anybody know? If this is true then im guessing its geared for homeowners.
  2. Tools & Equipment
    Hi I have 2 makita 12v drills (6980FD Impact and a 6270D drill driver) both of which are 2nd hand. What i didnt get was a carry case and im sure i have seen them advertised together in one case, i was wondering if any one knew where i could get a case and/or the code for the case so i could...
  3. Tools & Equipment
    I just picked up a whole line of Rigid tools. I bought a 24volt battery set (drill,flashlight,reciprocating saw,circular saw) impact driver and hole shooter separately. I didn't like the new Makita look, (with all the rubber parts) and Dewalt is on every job site, so I went with Rigid. They...
1-3 of 3 Results