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mac painting
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  1. Wallpaper
    What is the going rate per square foot removing and laying on vinyl 55 1/2 inch wall paper? including glue, and labor. no paper included in this bid.
  2. Painting & Finish Work
    So tell me does one get the work first or the crew. if i get the crew and the work does not come fast enough then i will lose the crew. if i get the work and have trouble finding the PAINTERS!!!! then i risk ruining my name and my jobs as well as future jobs so which foot do i put out first?
  3. Painting & Finish Work
    so what i would like to know is this? is a painting company owners time better spent on the wall or in the office. if you are on the wall < assuming that you are a experienced tradesmen> then you are not getting jobs, getting your budget worked out, or keeping your mind open to the vast...
1-3 of 3 Results