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  1. General Discussion
    Hi I’m a brand new general contractor with OSHA 30 and applied for construction management position. Just have a liability questions to ask senior here. the owner of construction company is licensed general contractor and require me to do this following: 1. Obtain building permit 2. Hire...
  2. Plumbing
    :furious:Hey now that I have you attention,, I have a bit of a problem and looking for some advice.. I am a self employed plumber and have been in business for 3 years, last year I obtained a contract to install 22 toilets for a govenment housing co-op,, All the flanges if needed repair were...
  3. Business
    I'm looking to branch out on my own and was wondering if anyone can recommend a cheap company for liability insurance for G.C work.
1-3 of 3 Results