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  1. Business
    Metal Roof Warranty was part of the sale agreement, but actual Warranty was not provided at closing. Three years later there is an issue with roof. Does the present owner have any recourse?
  2. Business
    Hi there. As a bussiness we have been subcontracting for most of our work but are looking to increase the number of direct contracts which we do. I am looking for a good example of a legal disclaimer for bids. Does anyone know where to find one? Thanks.
  3. General Discussion
    Hello, I have a question and I was wondering of someone here could help me out. About two years ago I completed a job for a GC worth almost $30,000. I had done about 25 jobs previously for him, and never had a problem. This time though, he started evading me. I put a lien on the project (which...
  4. General Discussion
    I was terminated from a job about six months ago due to "lack of work". However, this was clearly a lie and they the reality of the situation is that I was fired. We actually had three months left on the job on which I was working. The issue is that I had a six month performance review...
  5. General Discussion
    Just curious on anybodies thoughts about turning in folks working without permits. I've recently lost a few jobs to low-ballers and now their working without permits!
  6. General Discussion
    Anybody been down this road with some learning to share? We're a small D+B company that did a very high end remodel for some "difficult" people. It came out great, post-build appraisal was 1.5 cost of construction, etc. The project (2 new baths) was closed out by City inspector July 11, 2008...
1-7 of 7 Results