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  1. Remodeling
    I am doing a little side work for a customer and I have a questions that hopefully someone can help me with. The house they live in used to have a concrete slab carport. The previous owner had the carport enclosed and made into a spare room. The contractor put the plate and the studs directly...
  2. Roofing
    Hello all, I have been working on a 150sq+ roof since before the holidays (due to bad weather days and such) I was brought on by a fellow "contractor" who gets all his work from his uncle. I have several items I would like to point out and ask opinions on: It has always been in my best...
  3. Masonry
    My client finished a renovation 2 years ago. A new front door was installed. The door is now damaged and rotted along the vertical supports on both sides of the door and sidelights. The lintel above the door was never painted and is rusted. Also, a contractor informed her about a "notch" which...
1-3 of 4 Results