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  1. Tiling
    This morning I decided to go through my sample kit and straighten a few things out so I decided to make a little display to show everyone how I roll :scooter: I was talking to JDub this morning about some line drain stuff and we got to talking about the importance of sales tools & samples, pros...
  2. Tiling
    Everyone's arguing here about Kerdi so I thought I'd start a fun thread where we can show off some complicated cuts :clap:
  3. Tiling
    I started tearing out my bathroom today... the house is 3 years old and the bathroom floors are crunchy with cracked grout *eye roll* We bought a new construction home so I wouldn't have these worries, but the floor is out and the shower is getting tiled! Here's my initial pictures... hardie...
  4. Flooring Picture Post
    Started a remodel of a big powder into a small full bath. For some reason the "before" pics I took didn't save to my phone. Kinda Before: Started adding ply to the floor: Someone else hung the CBU already. Of course, I had to pull it all down, plumb the wall and hang it again: Facing...
1-4 of 6 Results