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  1. Welding & Steel Trades
    I am a carpenter, first and foremost, I rarely encounter steel beams. My local lumber yard is having several large racks put in place to hold nested PVC Pipe. The racks are constructed of 16 ft tall vertical columns, spaced 21ft on center. At 48" increments going up the columns, they are...
  2. Decks & Fencing
    Want to know about anyone experience with this Chinese Fir AKA Import Cedar? A Dallas Texas local supplier is carrying it and wanted to know if anyone has used it. Our cheap fence material is spruce, but this stuff look better and not bad priced either. Let the cussin and discussing begin...
  3. Technology
    For those of you that like the Google Chrome web browser, I'd like to suggest you give Iron a go. It's based off the Chromium engine as well. It's nearly identical to Chrome. It does not have all the privacy issues Google forces on you with Chrome. As a result it does not feature an Incognito...
1-3 of 3 Results