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  1. Contractor Swap
    This shaper has been gone through top to bottom. New motor bearings, lots of new parts inside, all holes in the cabinet were filled and smoothed. It has both table extensions, forward and reverse switch, all the available spindles and a bunch of the Delta 3 wing cutters. It is a 3phase 1 1/2hp...
  2. Tools & Equipment
    Went on a little road trip today to Toledo, Ohio for a hunting trip. What was I hunting? Well, old cast iron wood working machinery. I bought an Oliver 144-8D, 8" jointer and much to my surprise, as I thought it was already sold, a 18" Delta Wedge bed planer.
  3. Remodeling Picture Post
    - Crow Contracting Company - Just thought I would share a very simple little project that we had come up for this week. I very much enjoyed it, the clients were one of the coolest couples I have ever worked for, very down to earth, and fun to be around. I didn't take any before pictures, which...
1-3 of 3 Results