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  1. Framing
    Hey all. New here. Have a Levittown house built in the 50's. Getting the roof replaced soon and I am replacing the Fascia / Sub Fascia boards before they come out to do the roof. I am a new home owner, I'm handy, but don't know the in's and out's of what all goes on with framing and finishing...
  2. Roofing
    Hello. Thanks for your time. I have an exterior business located in East Tennessee. We specialize in roofing, siding, and gutters. We've been in business for a few years now, and have done a reasonably good job keeping up with the industry. Recently, over the last few months or so, we've learned...
  3. Help Wanted or Looking For Work
    Eavestrough/fascia Installer needed at friendly family business in Calgary. We are well established, have tons of work and are trying to put together a third truck crew. Everyone is treated respectfully as an important part of the team. Our pay is on the higher end, as our work quality is on the...
  4. Help Wanted or Looking For Work
    Fast growing General Contractor looking for competitive roofing, siding, and gutter subcontractors. Please call Peter Meyers 708-293-1301 serious inquiries only. Must be insured and bonded. Chicago Land Area
  5. General Discussion
    We dont do alot of metal work but the few we have done have always turned out really nice. WE are doing these 3 gables and the metal looks perfect untill we put it up and it looks wavy from the ground. We have taken it down 3 times and redone it. What may be causing this? It looks great straight...
  6. Roofing
    My friends G*dfather and I were talking about doing my gutters. We'll be doing them together and he really is a good guy. We both agreed that I should shell out the cash for at least the leaf guards. He uses a diamond cutout type without the mesh. He did say there is something new as well...
1-6 of 6 Results