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  1. Flooring
    I am having a hard time locating chemical/polymer free grout for a chemically sensitive client. The grout gap is 1/4 " and thought Saltillo grout would work but the gap is too small. Anyone have a source or solution? I thought maybe we could make our own grout with sand and cement? Not sure of...
  2. Tiling
    Can some of you pros out there give me some insight on how to prep shower walls to be tiled? I always read that a cement backer board is the way to go. But yet every time I walk into a new home under construction by a variety of builders, they are using green board or blue board under the...
  3. Green Building This is a big deal. I anticipate an increase in initial costs for almost everyone involved. With change comes opportunity... Learn more about LEED at USGBC.
  4. General Discussion
    As a siding contractor, I am considering getting LEED AP certification in an attempt to set my company ahead of the rest. Currently our company is probably in the top 3 for siding companies in Vancouver BC for volume and quality. Im wondering if, by getting LEED certified, will a General...
1-4 of 11 Results