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  1. Business
    I'm going to be writing a short column in Remodeling magazine, and would appreciate any thoughts on the following point: Even though sustainable construction products and practices haven't yet replaced the traditional way of doing things, green building seems to have lost its aura as new and...
  2. Concrete & Paving
    Any negative consequences to high fly ash content in structural concrete? My sub just poured a foundation with 40% fly ash content. I specified 20% -25% because I had heard somewhere that content above 35% can have adverse consequences. Any thoughts, experiences to share?
  3. Decks & Fencing
    Currently finishing up the last deck out of 3 decks. Two Cedar and one Douglas Fir decks on the LEED Home Project. Custom Cedar Posts. Will be glass mounted between.
  4. Marketing & Sales
    We are out of CT working from Danbury to Torrington to Hartford and beyond. Currently about 75% of our projects are coming for Service Magic and the quality of these clients is as you would expect. Always looking for the low bid rather than quality. My partner and I are both LEED AP's with the...
  5. Framing
    (Following is another section from my upcoming book on Green Framing. TKG) Building codes are a relatively new invention. The first widely-accepted building code in the U.S. was written in the early 1900s. Today’s building code, the International Building Code (IBC), has its roots in the...
  6. General Discussion
    I figured I'd get the green building discussion going today. Please check out: Thanks.
  7. General Discussion
    I'm wondering if any of you folks could tell me what's happening on the green remodeling front, given the depths of this economic mess. I'm a writer for Green Builder Magazine, and I'm looking for both what works and what ISN'T working in terms of keeping remodelers and contractors employed. Are...
1-7 of 8 Results