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  1. Websites and SEO
    I'm not sure if this has been posted but the short video on local listings is a good video. Google Local Listing Happy Thanksgiving all!!
  2. Websites and SEO
    Well, not my website, but my local listing has vanished. BTW, grab a beverage now, this might run long. This post will end up as 2 questions. A little background: Back in 2002, I had my first website built. It was pretty crappy. Around the same time, I was putting a small box ad in the yellow...
  3. Marketing & Sales
    Since I am relatively new to this board, I wanted to offer so content to you hard working contractors that you can take action on right now to increase your lead flow from the internet. Not only am I a registered Architect, I am also a web marketer that focuses on helping local business owners...
  4. Marketing & Sales
    No kidding your local listing --- hijacked... (that could be you). UNLESS you've made the effort to verify your listing. Here's the thing, local search is shaping up to be one of the dominant sources of traffic for brick and mortar businesses on the net. The global local search market is...
  5. Marketing & Sales
    I was going to file this under our new Websites and SEO topic but you can list your business even without a website so it makes sense to put this here. Google wants more / better quality business listings in it's Google Local search results so it's built a new dashboard to help you list your...
1-5 of 5 Results