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  1. General Discussion
    Hi I’m a brand new general contractor with OSHA 30 and applied for construction management position. Just have a liability questions to ask senior here. the owner of construction company is licensed general contractor and require me to do this following: 1. Obtain building permit 2. Hire...
  2. reno commercial general contractors

    reno commercial general contractors
  3. reno nevada general contractors

    reno nevada general contractors
  4. Help Wanted or Looking For Work
    Florida State Certified General Contractor willing to qualify your reputable company in the state of Florida. 850-902-8387
  5. Contractor Licensing
    I have no experience in the contraction field i only have a carpentry career diploma from ashworth university.How can i get a general contractor license with just a career diploma from ashworth.Or do you people know of any other way i can start working on my own with the carpentry career...
  6. Help Wanted or Looking For Work
    Licensed General Contractor looking for an opportunity in North Dakota. We are a national general contractor that is licensed and able to work in 43 states. Have traveling crews that could mobilize immediately. Can undertake any commercial or residential scope of work. If interested, call...
  7. General Discussion
    Well I have been a member for a little over two years, I didn't know about the blog. I just seen it today, when checking e-mails and caught the newsletter I get on occasion. Some good info here though, no doubt...
  8. Drywall
    I do, I'm sure we all have seen house after house with the corner beads busting loose. :sad: My solution, I always tape my corner beads. This weeks project is drywall, I'll add pics of my progress. :thumbsup: Not a real elaberate job, just trying to give it a face lift. 110+ year old...
  9. New Member Introductions
    Hi everyone, im still thrilled to be part of contractor Im in general building and also civil work. Im an emerging contractor who still looking for opportunities out there. And working very hard to learn about the field and the entire business:thumbup:
  10. New Member Introductions
    Hello everybody Im new here, Im a general B contractor based in vacaville california which is located between san fransico and sacramento.We specialize in home remodeling, interior and exterior painting, electrical, plumbing and carpentry. If you have any questions let me just know.Bye.
  11. General Discussion
    I have seen a couple of contractors with a botton down shirt that has a flap on the back side. Any one know what this shirt style is called and where I can buy them?
  12. Contractor Licensing
    I am a State of Florida Certified General Contractor looking for a position as a Qualifying Agent. I do not want to merely sign for permits. I would like an active role in the field or office. I am willing to travel, my license is good in the entire state of Florida
  13. General Discussion
    I currently an engineer working as a pm for a materials testing and special inspection firm and want to make a change to working for a GC. Does anyone have any advise I should keep in mind when doing so?
  14. Business
    I'm looking to branch out on my own and was wondering if anyone can recommend a cheap company for liability insurance for G.C work.
1-14 of 19 Results