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  1. Construction
    So, if you don't know me, just know that I'm crazy and reaching is my MO. I want to get into mass concrete underpinning. I'd like to do some low key jobs first (residential, if there is even a market), and go from there. I plan to read what I can get my hands on, such as these texts that were...
  2. Business
    I run a residential remodel company and I want to add home additions to my services. Problem is I have very little experience with foundations or with tying in roof lines. I can think of many ways of going about learning this essential part but wondering what you guys recommend. I have a client...
  3. Masonry
    I am building a 20'x20' addition for a home owner in Illinois. I have done a great deal of framming and remodel work and I need a basic cost on a foundation. It will be a four sided foundation with about four coarse of block and a footer. I would greatly appreciate any insight!! As soon as I can...
  4. Excavation & Site Work
    Hey I am hoping someone out there has a copy of the Superior Walls Builder Design Booklet from 2005 or can tell me where on the net to get one. I am having the largest issue with them on a deflected wall built in 2005. Been dealing with it since 2006. Of course they claim no responsibility...
  5. New Member Introductions
    Hey there, I'm new to forums of any kind but after reading thru some of the posts here I see a lot can be gained from this group. I'd love to talk with other CA builders, network etc. I'm on Linkedin under Steve Baim, for those who want to connect there. Be well! SB :party:
  6. Construction
    Here is the dilemma..... We have a customer who would like to build a 1,200.00sq ft horse barn. Sounds easy enough. The problem is they do not have the setbacks and wetlands/zoning approvals to put in a foundation. The customer now would like to build this barn without a foundation. The...
1-6 of 7 Results