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  1. Construction
    Hey folks, We are pouring a monoslab for a duplex soon and are planning on forming it with rigid foam board insulation reinforced with 2x6s. I've done it once before but it's been a while and I know there are folks here who may have more experience with it. Essentially the benefit is that we...
  2. General Discussion
    Hi - I’m looking for answers on how to insulate the exterior of a poured concrete wall. I want the interior wall to be board finished and an architectural detail. I’m looking at some of it to be above grade insulation and would like to achieve an r30. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated
  3. Insulation
    I have a client that wants to do a "modified" clean space crawl space. The space is dry and in fairly good condition. There is no fiberglass between floor joists (first time I have seen this without clean space, I bet the builder ran out of money). It all boils down to this. I am going to put...
1-3 of 3 Results