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  1. Architecture & Design
    I'm a home design novice and I'm trying to create a layer in AutoCAD for a fireplace but don't know how to name the layer. It is a fireplace insert encased in wood framing. What discipline designator does it fall under? Is it equipment(Q); Architectural(A); Interior(I); Structural(S)? What...
  2. Masonry
    I have a client that is looking to close off the damper and make the flue weather proof put wants to leave the firebox open to place flowers or candels in. Is this possiple? If so what is the best method?
  3. Faux Finishes
    New job, client wants a new fireplace mantle. They have an existing mantle - surround. About 5'hx6'w. It is off the wall now. It is a very well put together peice. It appears to be birch ply and solid popular. It is painted (probably sprayed) with a very hard oil based semigloss white. No wood...
  4. Masonry
    Does anyone know about the ash pit at the base of a wood burning fireplace? Specifically, I'm remodeling a house and have discovered that the bottom of the ash pit is not accessible. If you open the cleanout on the outside of the chimney you don't find any ash because the pit is around 5 feet...
  5. Masonry
    I'm a freelance writer researching an article on artificial / manufactured stone and I'd like to speak with contractors experienced in working with this material. If you're interested, please contact me at the address below and we'll set up a telephone interview. (North America only please.)...
1-5 of 5 Results