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  1. Windows, Siding and Doors
    1. Got the money, but not a fool I hope. ;) My son's a wonderful musician, so I don't need a window that "performs" (sorry, just tired of the promo B.S.). I want the "performance" completed at the factory - a trouble-free window that will last as long as possible at 5000 feet - Calif. winter...
  2. Construction
    Looking to buy a used insulation machine for attics and walls for less than $8000. Anyone have any advice or a use machine to sell?
  3. Painting & Finish Work
    I'm painting a brand new fiberglass door for a customer but have never done it before. Here's what I'm planning to do: 1. prime the door with a premium exterior 100% acrylic primer 2. spray it with a premium exterior latex Is there anything I'm missing or suggestions people have. Much...
1-3 of 3 Results