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  1. New Member Introductions
    I am an estimator located on Long Island in NY. My experience is in commercial, public commercial, and high end residential estimating for construction divisions 1 - 16.
  2. Technology
    Hello, I am looking at purchasing one of the many deck design and estimating programs out there. Simpson's Deck Tools has so far been the one that looks the most useful as a sales tool, but potentially lacking in some of the design features, at least according to the thread I read on it which...
  3. Framing
    Hi, I have recently been asked for an estimate to frame a 900 SqFt bungalow addition, from placing the LVL beams right up to installing the roof trusses. I do mostly remodeling work, I have framed plenty of interior walls, basements, new partition walls etc... But this would be my first large...
  4. Framing
    I am needing to find specific information in regards to lumber estimating for residential construction by hand, without the use of estimating software. I have worked for big builders as a site manager, in purchasing and estimating, but I've never had to do complete lumber estimates from plans...
  5. Business
    Hey all, new to posting, been reading the advice in here for a long time, it comes it useful quite often. The reason for my first post is simple, I'm in a unique position and am in need of someone's advice that has experience bidding on commercial jobs. I'm a small sized general contractor and...
  6. General Discussion
    Sample question from the California State Contractors Board test: What would you bid for a new project with direct costs of $22,500 and you need to include a 5% profit and 15% overhead? A. $28,125 B. $27,000 C. $25,500 D. None of the above Answer A Please provide what formula they used
  7. Excavation & Site Work
    Just got a copy of it today. Learned a little bit about it in class. Anyone else use it or the full version? If so, do you like it?
  8. Electrical
    Has anyone out there purchased electrical estimating software? And does anyone have any thing good or bad to say about any of the following softwares? ConEst, Accubid, McCormick, EBM. Recommendations?
  9. Drafting & CAD Forum
    My estimating job requires about 250 bids a year.How can we get architects and engineers ,who all use different programs,to include the relevant info to accurately and quickly finish bids? I have made a list of items that if included on plans could standardize and speed the process but not sure...
  10. General Discussion
    When bidding a standard remodeling job, for example a basement remodel, is there a basic formula to use as a guideline? Materials + Labor + Profit Margin? What is the average profit margin being used in todays market? I should have been more specific. How much on average have you adjusted...
  11. Painting & Finish Work
    Why do you guys have such a hard time sharing information when it comes to pricing??? I've never seen a straight answer from anyone on this site when you reply to someones request for help in estimating a project. It's not hard to think back to the last job you did and figure out if you made...
  12. Business
    Although the paragraph below might lead you to believe it is politcal. The tag line at the bottom makes it business. Comments ??? "You cannot legislate the poor into prosperity by legislating the wealthy out of prosperity. What one person receives without working for, another person must work...
  13. Masonry
    Anyone have an excel spreadsheet for CMU wall take offs? Or just a simple formula for doing take offs that you use? I'm redoing some spreadsheets for work and need something easy and reliable. I've got one that someone else made but it's not that user friendly and want one I can get a better...
  14. General Discussion
    In this down economy, it has been very competitive to acquire jobs due to the prices some contractors are accepting. How do you overcome price hurdles? Here are some questions before that need to be answered before dealing with price comparison...
  15. Contractor Talk Classifieds
    Looking for a seat of SharpeSoft. Perhaps you bought it and didn't like it, or you don't use it anymore. I know someone out there has it. Be reasonable, I know what it's worth new and used and I will check licensing to see what updates to current will cost.
  16. Business
    I am trying to learn how a remodeling business works. If you are a general contractor, what are the steps involved from; getting a lead to starting the project?
1-16 of 17 Results