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  1. General Discussion
    Does anyone have recommendations for an equipment transport company? I'm looking into purchasing a 2000# pull behind brush chipper from seller in NW Michigan and need to get it to me in Western North Carolina. (about 850 miles).
  2. Excavation & Site Work
    I currently run a Cat 420 Backhoe. I am generally happy with it but my dealer has all but forgot about me, it takes days to get any response out of them. I tried a Deere and wasn't to excited about it when I was done. I have rented a Case 580SM and thought it was great (I actually liked it...
  3. Painting & Finish Work
    I found this site as I was looking for information on starting up. Here's my story and questions: I don't have very much experience in painting, but am fairly good in the business sense. My Dad, who has no business sense, is a great painter. Here's my business idea. And my questions are...
  4. Tools & Equipment
    I need to rent an air compressor and I was wondering if anybody had any recommendations? I've rented a boom lift from and was very satisfied, so I might use them for the air compressor, but was wondering if anybody has used another company? I'm located in Queens, NY. Thanks.
  5. Contractor Talk Classifieds
    Hello All, I have an influx of large quanities of OSHA Certified Orange Safety Vests for Sale, and I need to sell them off. I have searched around for low prices on Vests and found that the cheapest run somewhere around 12$. I have them for sale at $8, for up to 60 and anything over that at...
1-5 of 7 Results