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elite tiling

  1. Flooring
    Have been using cement board under tile for years. I've heard of this schluter product a year or 2 ago but never really looked into it. Does anyone have any experience with this product? Is it really solid and good to install over OSB? Going to try on next job. But wanted to get some feedback...
  2. Tiling
    Picked up the tile for a job today, the customer had picked it out. Some of it is glass mosaic. My tile supplier said to not use non stain or epoxy grout, as he couldn't predict the outcome? Anyone grouted glass tiles? I want to use an epoxy, but now I'm not sure. Thanks
  3. Tiling
    Have any of you tile guys done labor/cost comparison with epoxy vs. grout and sealer. Also what are your thoughts about epoxy? Thanks
  4. Flooring
    Please share your grouting tips. I'm looking for ways to get it done quicker. It seems like I have to acid wash every floor I do. Is that common?
  5. Tiling
    I have been an advocate of QuartzLock this year. This week I had a chance to use the new formula, QuartzLock2. Well, I have to say, they made good, better. It still is smooth like butter. Very easy to spread. Using an epoxy float, very easy to get in the joints and smooth excess off tile...
  6. Flooring Picture Post
    I opened the boxes of tile last night and of the 3 kinds of tile, 2 were wrong. I started anyway. The empty spaces will be 2" polished glass.