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  1. Remodeling Picture Post
    I'm starting my largest project since being self-employed. Personally, I'm working on the kitchen, powder room, laundry room, hall bath and master bath. I'm GC'ing most of the rest. I'm starting in the kitchen. Before:
  2. Flooring Picture Post
    Dang, I'm ready for a nice big floor job :laughing: Redoing shower: Tub surround: Floor:
  3. Flooring Picture Post
    Day #1 Rough plumbing inspected and passed. I used Mapei Topcem Premix to fill the areas that will be tiled so I didn't have to wait 28 days. Ran for faux rebar into the existing slab and brushed some admix to prep. the Topcem was dried in about 4 hours! Awaiting the framers....
  4. Tiling
    This covers both grouts from StarQuartz: QuartzLock 2 & StarGlass and TruColor by Bostik. *Don't let the grout freeze! *The buckets have a Vapor-Lock lid. Make sure it is well sealed to insure a 2 year shelf life. *The day prior to installing, I like to turn the bucket upside down. This will...
  5. Tiling
    Just did my first job with the Quartz lock and everything seemed to go fine, I really like the product. The tiles are a light colored porcelain and I can see a few shiny spots here and there. There's no sandy residue just a shine in a few areas that won't scrub off. Does anyone have a...
  6. Flooring Picture Post
    Started a remodel of a big powder into a small full bath. For some reason the "before" pics I took didn't save to my phone. Kinda Before: Started adding ply to the floor: Someone else hung the CBU already. Of course, I had to pull it all down, plumb the wall and hang it again: Facing...
  7. Kitchens & Baths
    Tile work wasn't as fancy as the last one. This was a total gut to studs. Moved the toilet from the back wall to next to the sink. Homeowner wanted to keep the pocket door. Took a little over two weeks.
  8. Tiling
    I have been a fan of the Spectraloc and use it almost exclusively. The only thing I don't care for is wall use with 1/4" grout lines, it has a habit of sagging. How does the Quartzlock compare for wall use. I have a bathroom / shower coming up and would like to try the Quartzlock II. I am using...
  9. Tiling
    I'm tiling a shower and a small decrative corner v cap was backordered... I should be recieving it about the same day that I will be ready to grout. Can I use the spectralock to mount the cap while I'm grouting? I ask because I'm a Spectralock virgin:eek:
  10. Flooring
    OK, tile work isn't my specialty but I have done a few floors. The h/o I'm dealing with now has picked out his tile and talked to the "expert" at Lowe's who suggested a... grout booster. :blink: Supposed to make it more flexible and have a sealer mixed in with it. I've always applied the...
  11. Tiling
    I have a project in which I used 2 Noble Freestyle Linear drains with a Kerdi-Shower kit. The customer purchased all the materials himself so I had no choice on what I was using. The first move I made was to call my Schluter rep to see what they recommended for the connection between the...
  12. Remodeling
    was in my tile shop the other day - preparing for a mud pan - the owner asked me if i had ever tried the pre made pan and tiled over it - specifically made to be tiled over. when we were talking - as far as doing the mud pan right and all the time it takes to make and let dry - it seemed to...
  13. Tiling
    I've been reading some threads on here about Ditra and I'm finishing up a bathroom remodel next week, once the subs get done doing their wiring and plumbing. I want to use Ditra over the new subfloor I just installed in the bathroom. It's going to be 12" sheets, each sheet will have 4"...
  14. Tiling
    Little background first: I am doing this kitchen and bath remodel here in so. cal. and the homeowner informed me that all there water is hooked into a softner system that uses salt (every hose, faucet,shower etc). not on landscape sprinklers (but no hose). Here is the question: Does the water...
  15. Tiling
    Ok guys I am looking for some advice on this job again. To much wrong with it to just patch repair. 90% of tile have zero bond so I'm looking for advice on the best materials to use for this. Off to pick out tiles so was gonna ask whilst there as I have never done tile outside before. What would...
  16. Tiling
    Started a job today. DIY backsplash gone wrong. After the terrible tile set, they thought hiring a "pro" to grout would fix things. he was almost as bad. Now it's $1600 to have it done right! :whistling It's not an illusion. The grout joints are that wavy.
  17. Masonry
    Guys what the best way for me to bond some porch porcelain tiles back to concrete? I have no idea where to start as I never done external tile before. Any advice on products to use? Grout recommendations would be great also. I have about 5 to repair so don't want to go silly.
  18. Tiling
    Hello tile pros, My question is, what is best method to install dark color grout? I have seen tile jobs where it is blotchy and milky, even after 511. I assume this is due to water content or over wiping clean with sponge, set time etc. Please advise. Thank you.
  19. Tiling
    ...oh how I hate thee. :evil: I did a tile repair today & had to use sanded grout. I appreciate QuartzLock even more after using cementitious for the first time in over a year.
  20. Tiling
    Hi guys, I have this client that he wants me install slates on his patio.The patio sits over mostly occupied space and concrete subfloor. I am a wood floor guy, but I installed slate in a interior octagonal room where it meets the wood flooring for the same client last year. I do it...
1-20 of 26 Results