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dust control
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  1. Drywall
    Hey Guys, I gotta share this with ya, I have been rehabbing homes in Minneapolis for 23+ years, love my job but hate the dust. A buddy of mine that rides ATVs showed me a mask that he had bought. I have a crew of eight guys we used to go through a of 3M 8511s a day, and it was costing me about...
  2. Contractor Swap
    Nearly identical to Clarke Cav 26 (manufactured by same family) 2 years old, rarely used, very nice condition sells for $3195 on asking $2400 available in Northern IL, can be picked up at Chicago Hardwood in Palatine if you want
  3. Construction
    Looking for Recommendations on a shop vac that can provide the following: Good Suction for general bulky construction clean-up (can pick up screws, pieces of drywall/plaster, etc...) Good Dust Containment. I've noticed that when I hook some shop vacs up to power tools (such as a grinder with a...
1-3 of 3 Results