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  1. New Member Introductions
    I own Burly Guys, a company that does trashouts and interior demolition. We work for homeowners, Realtors, banks, and anyone else who needs a property cleaned out. I'm looking forward to being part of this community. Thanks! John Terrell Burly Guys (248) 224-2188
  2. Demolition
    Anyone ever worked with that non-explosive expansive agent for any type of demolition or quarry? Curious to know if it would be good for breaking down large blocks of concrete or if there's a more efficient way to do this.
  3. Contractor Licensing
    doing a small <$10,000 demo job with the chance to keep some of the materials harvested. can anyone tell me what license/permits/register with TRCC? also may sell the materials (some nice timbers, etc.) any ideas on where to sell.
  4. Demolition
    Just came across a piece of granite as the front step of a business that has to be taken out to make way for a wheel chair ramp. Demo-hammer worked great on the concrete around it....but the time to get little slivers off the granite is not working. Anyone know how to deal with it? Thanks in...