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  1. Windows, Siding and Doors
    Has anybody used or familiar with dry snap under deck drainage system? Or would you know the labor costs in general or by square foot? thank you. it is an under the deck soffit drain system. thanks
  2. New Member Introductions
    Hey all, I'm a remodeling contractor from Rockford, Illinois 61103. I started remodeling full time right out of High School is 1989. Worked with my Dad, he & my Mom owned B&M Services since about 1979. We were a remodeling company that plowed snow in the winter, when it was slow. We started...
  3. Framing
    I am installing a flat roof over my existing cedar deck and need to know how to connect it to the house? I will be cutting off the soffit or overhang and want to know if I can attach a ledger board to tthe end of the roof rafters and double plate behinf the osb board or do I have to set the flat...
  4. General Discussion
    Hello fellow contractors, I need assistance from contractors who have lots of experience in balustrade systems. I am building a home for some clients and I would like to have some wisdom, gleaned from the experience of some of you, that will lead me to making the right decision for these...
  5. Decks & Fencing
    Hi, I want ton know If it's good to use Deckmaster's HFS in climate like here,Montreal,Quebec,north of the U.S., I am begining to build IPE decks wich is still very new here. Knowing that it will be exposed to temperatures going from -35 to + 35 degrees Celsius (°C) or -31 to + 95...
1-5 of 6 Results