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  1. Decks & Fencing
    this pic shows how the columns supporting my deck aren't evenly spaced. Aside from looking dumb, does this compromise the structure of the deck?
  2. Decks & Fencing
    have been asked to design & build a deck to provide a level platform (on slightly sloping grass) to support a round plastic swimming pool... the pool is: diameter: 177", depth: 36" i figure when it's full it could weigh bout 18.5 tons...does this sound right to anyone??? anyway what size of...
  3. Decks & Fencing
    We're building a deck 24'X12' that has a rounded outside edge. The deck is about 6' off the ground and one side is against the house with the edge that is away from the house rounded at about 18" over the 24' span. We are thinking about how to frame the outside edge. We feel confident that...
1-3 of 3 Results