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crown moulding
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  1. Finish Carpentry
    Ok, soft maple that is being painted. I started all of this on Monday. Did a bunch of planing and dimensioning on Monday, cut rough sizes, ripped, joined and shaped on Tuesday. Cut the rest of the parts, sized trim to final dimensions, assembled and sanded on Wednesday. Today I planed and...
  2. Finish Carpentry
    Spent the last 3 months at this place, going back in January for more.
  3. Remodeling Picture Post
    Indianapolis, Indiana "Northside" 86th Street Area - Crown Moulding Installation As always, Crown moulding is a nice addition to any home, we are currently installing crown moulding in a home on the northside of Indianapolis, should be done tuesday. The HO is responsible for caulking, and...
1-3 of 4 Results