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  1. Low Voltage
    Does anyone have some standard cost per CAT6 drops? Thanks,
  2. Low Voltage
    Does anyone have a way to figure what people should spend on a CCTV system? I have been thinking of a way to determine what is a reasonable price, and have come up with a few ideas. 1. A percentage of the $ amount of the property/equipment being covered. I think if you have $100,000 worth of...
  3. Windows, Siding and Doors
    As part of a remodel I have a HO interested in some Marvin Integrity windows that I quoted with the LoE argon glass to qualify for them for the tax credit program. The HO submits the paperwork (that's nice) but it appears from IRS and other gov. sites that in addition to Marvin's...
  4. General Discussion
    Was wondering how many other small companies are having trouble bidding jobs with the way material prices are jumping so erratically. The steel roofing panels I generally use have climbed 5 different times this yearfor a total of over a 70% increase. Some of my customers waited a couple of...
1-4 of 4 Results