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  1. Help Wanted or Looking For Work
    Hello everyone My name is Ray. I’m a GC and developer at last 4 years at CA. Moved to Florida miami 2 months ago. Would like to corporate with CGC and get qualified. best regards Ray [email protected]
  2. Help Wanted or Looking For Work
    Hello everyone My name is Ray. I’m a GC and developer at last 4 years at CA. Moved to Florida miami 2 months ago. Would like to corporate with CGC and get qualified. best regards Ray [email protected]
  3. New Member Introductions
    Hello, My name is Jeff Ford, and I am a Product Manager in screwdriving with Stanley Black and Decker (DeWalt, Mac, Craftsman, and more). I work to develop better screwdrivers for all professionals - automotive, construction, and industrial. I want to hear your preferences and frustrations, and...
  4. Construction
    Hi, I am curious what does the closeout Procedure or Check List for shutting down, demolishing, and removing an industrial facility. Also, the "industrial facility" I am referring to is a cement plant we need to remove. Does anyone have any resources that could help me? I greatly appreciate it!
  5. Commercial Construction
    I have a client that is adding a check out counter with a knee wall and cabinets in an existing tenant space (Construction type III B). I'm coming in 1/2 way into the project... I typically leave construction means & methods up the contractor, but the tenant is allowed to act as the GC in my...
  6. Commercial Construction
    I am looking for best quality TMT bar brand for constructing my building roof. Can anyone help me out with this?
  7. Commercial Construction
    I’m trying to figure out the best way to build a cable system to support my outdoor lights. My backyard has a fence constructed with 4x4 posts anchored 3 feet deep with concrete and my original idea was to lag bolt 15 ft 4x4 posts to each of the current 4x4 fence posts in the corners. Creating a...
  8. Business
    Hi folks! Up until now we've done a number of bungalow to duplex conversions including complete guts of both levels. However we're evaluating a potential project involving being GC on a new build of a four-plex. Essentially we would be building for ourselves not a client. Given the supply...
  9. Help Wanted or Looking For Work
    Go to our website to submit an application Career Postings – TrueNet Communications
  10. Construction
    Hello! I have recently come into some documents that I could use a keener eye on! I have been tasked with identifying all of the code violations in regards to the construction of the building itself. I do not want to post the documents on here due to privacy concerns, but if anybody would be...
  11. Construction
    So short story, I am general contractor in Washington state. We are currently remodeling a 1978 split level. We removed a small sink where the supply lines were coming up through the floor to an angle stops for the water lines. We shut them off and left it for the plumber for the following week...
  12. General Discussion
    It's no secret that OSHA reporting guidelines are messed up. We hear of accidents over here that we're told we don't have the bandwidth to investigate...especially when it's not on a jobsite that will get a lot of attention, we're told to blow smoke. It's starting to get discouraging because...
  13. General Discussion
    So I recently got my general contractors license after years of telling myself i'd never work construction for a career. I am coming to find out that there is great money and satisfaction in construction. It just took my father to retire and his nudge for me to figure that out. So here is my...
  14. New Member Introductions
    Hi there! I found this forum while looking for resources that help me improve my knowledge about professional construction. Just popping in to say hello and introduce myself. I'm here to learn from the experiences of others in this community. Looking forward to interacting with you!
  15. General Discussion
    I am looking to get my Florida GC License and was wondering if i need to buy all of the books on the exam list?
  16. Help Wanted or Looking For Work
    Must have 3+ years marine or 5+ years non-marine experience as joiner/carpenter. If interested, please email resume to [email protected]
1-16 of 60 Results