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  1. Flooring
    As stated in the title I'm not well versed in construction at all. So I apologize if this is confusing or seems like a stupid question. I am looking into a very old warehouse building for a business. I've learned that the wood joist floor is in very bad shape and will need replacing. My...
  2. Concrete & Paving
    This may seem like a foolish question, but I am trying to work this out and cannot come up with a solid solution. We are remodeling a restaurant space for a property owner. The existing concrete floor is 12" below the threshold for the entryway and exit door. We have been asked to pour a new...
  3. Concrete & Paving
    4” stamped concrete with rebar. Was cut 24hours after pouring. Got cracked after a few days. Could be because the cut or wait too much to cut the concrete? It’s pretty close to the control line so I was wondering what are you thoughts. Thanks!!
  4. Masonry
    Looking for advice on Ardex CD installations... We've done quite a few projects with this material and it is great stuff, but wondering if any of you have had problems with patches you've done prior to installing the CD. After everything is cured the areas that I've patched are darker and the...
  5. Concrete & Paving
    I’m trying to match an existing concrete stamp pattern. It doesn’t seem to match the patterns stampcrete offers. Can anyone help me identify this stamp pattern. Thanks much.
  6. Commercial Construction
    Hi all, I'm working on looking at some cost saving measures for a project and was hoping to get some input. There's a few hundred columns we're putting up in a pre engineered metal building, based on the snapshot shown below. The first pour will embed the 24.61" all thread and couplers and the...
  7. Concrete & Paving
    Hello Everyone, we had a concrete patio poured 4 days ago. About an hour after it was finished, it started to rain. Our contractor laid plastic sheeting down on top of the cement.About 30 hours later, he returned and removed the plastic. It’s about a day later and it’s discolored (it looks like...
  8. Concrete & Paving
    Hi all, I want to install a 100 x 100 x 5mm x 5.5m SHS, we will core drill down to a depth of 500mm in the concrete slab and position the SHS vertically, the shs will then be bolted to an RSJ which will also be bolted onto the existing beam, the RSJ is roughly 150kg (I may be wrong), can anyone...
  9. Concrete & Paving
    Hi there. I have been doing flatwork concrete for the better part of a decade in ontario. I do a lot of stamped concrete, and ive noticed that on the rare occasion, it seems like the top later of either sealer or the concrete is lightly flaking off, exposing the base/integral colouring of the...
  10. Drywall
    So I need to run drywall on the side of these basement stairs. I plan on leaving about a 1/2" gap between the concrete floor and drywall to prevent moisture wicking but would I need to do the same for this concrete post base? My initial guess would be yes. Also would anyone have recommendations...
  11. Concrete & Paving
    Have you ever installed carpet tiles on rough concrete? Or it is really required that the surface be smooth? Having problems with topping or not topping concrete. TIA
  12. Concrete & Paving
    I've just had new concrete poured about 3 weeks ago from today and noticed blotchy / discoloration showing more and more overtime. Originally it was one smooth dark color. The contractor said it needs time to cure especially during colder weather 40-50F. I mentioned should I water the concrete...
  13. Concrete & Paving
    All, My client has a sunken room in her house that she is wanting to bring up (~3") to the same level as the rest of the house. The previous owners built this addition onto the house years ago (was likely a patio previously), and expanded the size of the room 1.5" on the outside walls. The...
  14. Construction
    Hello everyone. My name is Bryy and i want to help all the concrete business owners out there with my marketing but before i can do that i want to take the time to really understand the life of concrete business owners. The struggles and challanges. Would someone care to share some pain points...
  15. General Discussion
    Hi, I am doing a job where I have to build a concrete patio in a back yard. The problem is that I am not sure what to use as the base for the concrete. I was thinking between using either fill dirt, CR-6 Rock, crushed rock, sand, or a combination. Any ideas on how I should proceed would be...
  16. General Discussion
    Concrete floor repair leveling of house foundation, Dana Point California.
  17. Concrete & Paving
    How close can a wood burning fire be to concrete before the concrete begins to degrade? How close can GFRC be to fire before it begins to degrade?
  18. Concrete & Paving
    Just messing around with a table for behind my desk. Wanted to see what the combo looked like.
  19. Concrete & Paving
    My pile of broken, discarded, hated or just utter failures is getting a little to big for my shop and I need to empty house. I called the largest concrete recycler in the area, first the not-so-nice lady asked what GFRC was, then about the colors, then said no. I have another option but how do...
  20. General Discussion
    How much do you pay per foot for 5-6" moldings?
1-20 of 46 Results