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concrete restoration
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  1. New Member Introductions
    Please fell free to ask we are here to serve you.
  2. Marketing & Sales
    Hello all, we are new to ContractTalk and would like some advice from the community. Covalt is a floor leveling company in Southern California and we are interested in getting more work from the insurance industry. Over the years we have had some projects through insurance claims adjusters and...
  3. Concrete & Paving
    Me and my friend are about to try our first stain concrete on my garage which has really bad oil stains pretty dark. I know i need to put a big dent in getting these dark grease stains out to have a good floor. Whats the best solution out there to buy to help removing these stains.
  4. Masonry
    Hello, I am going to offer concrete restoration and concrete repair to my company's service offering. My friend is a sales representative for Adhesives Technology Corp.and has given me a bunch of demo products. I have played with them a little but still not used them on a job. Does anyone...
  5. Masonry
    I am currently creating the infrastructure to offer concrete restoration to my product offering. I am working with Adhesives Technology products and representatives to learn about the products and processes. They offer a variety of epoxies, poly ureas, and cementitious products for restoring...
1-5 of 5 Results