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concrete repair

  1. Flooring Picture Post
    Concrete floor leveling installation in San Diego California. Self leveling underlayment used to resurface the uneven concrete sub floor:
  2. New Member Introductions
    Covalt Floor Leveling of Orange County, California has joined Contractor Talk. We are happy to now be a part of this community and look forward to speaking to concrete repair, floor leveling and related issues. Thanks,
  3. Flooring
    We pure the concrete. after we leave maybe after 5 hour a car ran on it. now we have a tire line on concrete but it's not deep. I sand it with wiring circular stuff and makita . but still has a little line. I thought maybe after drying concrete and changing the color they will be hide. Also we...
  4. Help Wanted or Looking For Work
    Hi y'all, I have a friend who distributes a concrete repair product called MG Krete. The stuff is awesome and he wants to know if anyone would like some jobs. What his requirements is that he gets a 10% fee, because he is the one marketing and finding the actual contracts(no s e r v i c e m a g...
  5. General Discussion
    Just wanted to introduce myself! My name is Brett Pharis, I am a general contractor and small business owner. I hope to gain some insight and answers to my questions here in this forum. Have I come to the right place?? I'm looking for parts for this IMER concrete mixer (workman II 250). Does...
  6. Masonry
    Hello, I am going to offer concrete restoration and concrete repair to my company's service offering. My friend is a sales representative for Adhesives Technology Corp.and has given me a bunch of demo products. I have played with them a little but still not used them on a job. Does anyone...
  7. Masonry
    I am currently creating the infrastructure to offer concrete restoration to my product offering. I am working with Adhesives Technology products and representatives to learn about the products and processes. They offer a variety of epoxies, poly ureas, and cementitious products for restoring...