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  1. Marketing & Sales
    This one is sponsored annually by one of our local suppliers, White's Lumber and Building Supply. Last year they tried out having a few contractors on hand to answer remodeling and building questions. We were asked and now hope to make it an annual event for ourselves. Our Motley Crew; And our...
  2. Marketing & Sales
    The Northern New York Builders Exchange in Watertown hosted their annual Home & Garden Show this weekend and we were pleased to participate. Our booth on the night before, nearly ready and definitely waiting; Good Luck Dave
  3. Masonry
    or two. I liked Stonecutter's techniques and wanted to try myself. We're getting ready for our local home show and these will be going along. First the forms; The table is an insulated torsion box. Over that I have a 36"x12' sheet of laminate installed with double sided tape. The form sides...
1-3 of 3 Results