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  1. Painting & Finish Work
    If you think Organic and Green then you can choose to Use low VOC and Eco-friendly paints made from plant, mineral and water based materials. These paints are quite popular for kids room or nursery. By practicing eco-friendly interior design in your kid's room, you can help reduce the exposure...
  2. Painting & Finish Work
    That's an interesting discussion where I would like to add my two cents.... especially on painting a teenager's room... I have seen parents having tough times while convincing their teenagers for decorating their rooms. Now teenagers would feel that they are old enough to want to decorate or...
  3. General Discussion
    I am Matter Walters from Pure Painters Inc. a Vancouver Based Painting Company. I am here to share my knowledge on Painting and to learn something new from you guys. So keep writing and keep sharing. Matt Walters
1-3 of 3 Results