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  1. Masonry
    Good morning. I have a chimney that was rebuilt from the roofline up in July 2020. A stainless steel cap was also installed and the flashing was replaced. The contractor was recommended to my boyfriend (who owns the house). It was a mistake hiring them. The job lasted about 3 weeks altogether...
  2. Masonry
    I have a client that is looking to close off the damper and make the flue weather proof put wants to leave the firebox open to place flowers or candels in. Is this possiple? If so what is the best method?
  3. Insulation
    I have taken off the siding on a clients house to replace some rotten sheeting. I am about to begin putting things back together and we have noticed that the chimney (exterior) cavity has no insulation on the outside walls nor the wall adjcent to the living area. Do all walls need insulation...
  4. Masonry
    Hello! What is the proper way to address the vertical joint where a masonry chimney meets the wall of the house? The house will receive a cement style siding panel, with no inside corner trim against the brick. The project is ocean front, and it has become a point of discussion as to how to...
  5. Roofing
    Could use some advice regarding flashing chimney faced with veneer stone: Have built new block chimney and plan to face it with cultured stone (owens corning). Tech details from the manufacturer specify that a 2" space must be left under the bottom course of stone and above the roof deck, in...
  6. Masonry
    My clients chimney has pulled away from the house by about 6" at the roof line. It appears the house has settled away from the chimney. The house sits on a steep hill and the chimney is unreinforced brick with a stucco veneer. She is also located on the Hayward Fault. The client is...
1-6 of 6 Results